Advisory Board

John Jenkins

Vice President

John is the Lead Pastor at Northport Baptist Church and has served in ministry for over 20 years as senior and missions pastor. He has traveled to over 30 countries sharing the Gospel and has had the opportunity to preach on 5 continents. He has been married to his Bride Paige for 25 years and has 3 daughters.

“I believe in Baseball Country for two primary reasons. The first is I see that the hand of God is on Baseball Country and the evidence is the hundreds of lives that have been changed by the Gospel in a short time. The second is the heart of Sam Marsonek. He has sought the Lord with all his heart and the Holy Spirit is using him to advance the Kingdom. God is working in ways that I rarely see through Baseball Country and I believe that it is only the beginning of what He has planned.

Nick Reid


Nick is a Senior Vice President at Randall-Reilly in Tuscaloosa and resides in Ralph, Alabama with his wife Laurie and 3 children. In Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God, Dr Blackaby uses Scripture to show how we should look for where God is at work around us and join him there.  I see God doing things that only He can do through the ministry of Baseball Country (saving, healing, delivering) in extraordinary ways that I have never been blessed to see before, and I want to join Him where He is at work in this ministry. Our family members, community, and church have supported Baseball Country since its inception, but God seemed to have put a special passion and anointing on Sam & Kristin for this ministry from the very beginning and He clearly began working in new and exciting ways through them.  In addition to them becoming close personal friends to my wife and me, they are mighty ministers of God shining the light of the gospel in West Alabama and I am proud to call them friends and fellow workers in the gospel.

My wife and I are passionate about seeing people come to Christ for salvation, being grown in discipleship, and seeing the difference Christ can make when He transforms someone’s life for their good and His glory.  There is no other ministry that we support that is being used by God to do those things in a greater way than Baseball Country and that is why we count ourselves very blessed to stand with Sam, Kristen, and this ministry as God does exceedingly, abundantly beyond all we could ask or imagine.

Stephen Franklin


First, it is an honor and privilege to be a part of Baseball Country. When you encounter believers who are putting it All on the line for Christ and truly living out “The Great Commission”, how can you not join in? I have personally been challenged and encouraged by Sam’s heart for the lost, his faith in the midst of storms, and how he lives out his faith for Gods Glory. You can truly see his heart for these kids and the lost through his daily life (Faith in Action). In addition, God is working in peoples hearts and souls are being saved for eternity. Truly Exciting to see and experience firsthand. God is moving in ways that make you shake your head in awe and in ways that build your personal faith. Sam and Kristen are Living It, so let’s do what we can to support them, as they make much of Christ.

Butch Thomas

Board Member

Butch is the proud husband of Becky and father of Jaco and Clay. He is a Senior Manager at Bama Concrete in Tuscaloosa.

“Baseball Country has my support because number one, they have always maintained the focus that everyone needs Jesus. If the Lord calls the ministry to do youth camps, reach out to neighboring counties, host international players, team camps or father/son retreats, they are spreading the Word while making disciples for the Lord Jesus!”

Lance Cormier

Board Member

Lance is a former MLB pitcher who competed nearly 10 seasons with several organizations and currently owns Crossfit Candor in Northport, Alabama. He and his wife Jamie reside in Ralph with their two kids LJ and Wilkes just two miles down the road from Baseball Country.

“My love for Baseball Country began in my playing days. In my off seasons, one of my favorite things to do was to come out to Baseball Country, help with youth camps and enjoy the laid back country atmosphere. Flash forward ten years and now we live just down the road and see it even more as a blessing. We look forward to being a part of the knowledgeable camps and baseball activities that pull young athletes out of their everyday lives and into a training environment without distractions. The focus on Jesus drives the point home that while baseball is wonderful and important, it’s only a tool for furthering God’s Kingdom.”

Scott McLanahan

Special Advisor to the Executive Director

Scott McLanahan serves as a Financial Advisor focusing on physicians, corporate executives, and corporate retirement plans. Scott has been a part of the Team for six years and is a Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist. Scott actively serves the community as a member of Rotary International and the Miracle League of Tuscaloosa. He sits on the Board of Directors for both the Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Alabama and the Tuscaloosa YMCA. Scott serves as a color commentator for the Crimson Tide Sports Network during the Crimson Tide’s baseball season. Scott and his wife, Gina, reside in Tuscaloosa.

“I support Baseball Country because Sam has a passion, fear, obedience and love for Jesus that is an inspiration to all that are in his presence. I appreciate his leadership and commitment to Greene County, an easily forgotten mission field. As for the ministry, I love the idea of using the greatest game to share the greatest Truth. Baseball is a way in, and an incredible tool in the hands of Sam.”

Sam Marsonek

Executive Director

After a 12 year professional playing career that culminated with a brief stint in New York with the Yankees, the Lord began working in the lives of Sam and his wife Kristen. They felt a strong calling to go into full time ministry in the midst of owning an automotive repair shop and her profession as a Family Physician. In August of 2016, they sold everything and moved their family to Jena, Alabama to serve the Lord at Baseball Country. Sam and Kristen have been married 12 years and have five daughters, McKenna, Kate, Avery, and Samantha.

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