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College/High School Team Camp


As coaches, we spend countless hours working on bunt defenses, run-downs, pick plays, situational defenses, hitting etc… But how much time is actually spent creating bonds between players? Not only between players, but how about between coaches and players?

We want the culture of our program to be one of commitment, sacrifice, selflessness, passion and dedication. However, we spend very little time to create that environment. We strive to have players willing to run through the wall for us, but do they know we are willing to do the same for them?

Here at Baseball Country, we provide a very unique atmosphere that is conducive for players and coaches to all connect on a very real and intimate level. Through team building functions, service projects and nightly devotionals with guest speakers sharing testimonies, walls are brought down and the core of players and coaches are impacted, forming bonds that will withstand any struggle taking place on the field or in life.

Team Building

We offer a wide variety of activities to help unify teams and create an environment where guys can grow and become one. From the Odyssey III High/Low Ropes Course to skeet shooting and competing on our lit whiffle ball field, Baseball Country has everything you need to conduct a camp that will benefit all programs.

After a full day of competing through our team building activities, the evenings are designed for players to kick back, relax and get real with each other. This will take place around a campfire or in the cabins. We believe this setting will enable players to be open and transparent sharing each other struggles and burdens. When walls begin to fall, bonds will be created. During these nightly devotions, we see true life change take place and teams transforming to a unified group selling out for one another.

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